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Pumps and Pumping Systems for Chemical and Process Industry
Booster Systems Design for Complex Applications
Mechanical Seal Systems
Cooling Water Pumping System

Designing of Water Supply Systems

Troubleshooting and Retrofitting of Pumping Systems

Troubleshooting and Retrofitting

Pumps Testing as per NFPA 20
Fire Hose Testing as per NFPA 1962
Fire Hydrant System Testing as per NFPA 291
Pre-shipment Inspections

Hydraulic Testing of Fire Fighting System

Sizing of Pumps
Selection of Pumps
Evaluation of Pumps
Site Installation and Commissioning
Operation, Repair and Maintenance of Pumps

Installation, Servicing and Commissioning of Pumps

Optimization of Pumps for Improved Life Cycle Cost
Energy Audit for ISO 50001

Pumps Sizing and Performance Optimisation

Pumping System Design and Evaluation
Pumping System Performance Evaluation
Pump Performance Testing as per ISO 9906 etc.

Pumps Performance Testing

Hydraulic Optimisation
Water Hammer Analysis
Sump Design and Evaluation

Pipe Network Hydraulic Analysis

Fire load Calculations
NFPA Compliance Audit
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Fighting Trainings

Fire Risk Assessment